October 9, 2011

Gracias Barcelona!

I was in Barcelona a couple of days ago.  It was such a great day that in a short stay in the place, I was able to see lots of amazing places in the city.  Thank You, Lord! :)

My first stop was in Sagrada Famila.  From my hotel, I took the nearest train going to Sagrada Famila station.

Making pa-cute inside the train!

Me in front of the famous Sagrada Familia.

Amazing details of Sagrada Familia

As you can see, there are cranes in the church which means that the construction is still going on.  But believe it or not, they started building Sagrada Famila during the 1882s!  Forty-eight years sa bawat detalye kamusta naman! 

Lots of tourist coming around the world to see the amazing details of Sagrada Famila which was originally designed by Antoni Gaudi.

My second stop was in Casa Batlló.    

Main entrance of Casa Batlló.

Another amazing work of art of Gaudi.  This Gaudi guy was really into details!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to explore inside the building.  I was running out of time because I want to see Park Güell before sunset, my third stop.

Park Guell is situated in a hill so I did a walk-a-thon in this uphill street.

View from the top - Barcelona, City.  

When I was already on top of the hill, a lady told me that I need to go down to reach the place itself.  Honestly, lots of calories was burned that day because of the walk-a-thon!

But even though I only walked from the train station to Park Guell, I reached the place before the sunset to see another work of art of Antoni Gaudi.  Yes, this place is another Gaudi Masterpiece.

I love mosaics!  I love Gaudi!

Famous Gaudi was not the only artist who made Barcelona alive........LOOK!

Murals and graffiti everywhere in Barcelona! 

Who do you think from these kids will be the next Gaudi?  

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